About Us


Our Story

Since the establishment of our company in 2015, MaintenanceLK has been and  active participant in the filed of Maintaining and Constructing sector, In Sri Lanka making a significant contribution to its development by applying the knowledge and the experience gained through working with international companies.

The Parent company WIJE D N A (PVT) LTD. has achieved an exceptional growth quality of work, timely delivery while setting benchmark in safety and environment. Main goal of our Founder Asiri Mendis is to continued improve lean production and  achieve zero waste across the organization by optimizing all production process based on measurable quality objectives and reduce the environmental pollution within our works and work co-operatively with our clients.

What We Offer

As an eco-friendly and customer friendly company, we assure you the best quality output for your needs we offer you at well trained employees and satisfactory price for every work from our company. we always think about the customers through process and we try to adjust our output as the client requires and we 100% guarantee the quality of the output project and we use the best instruments and tools for every single project.


We Understand Requirements

As a company we always think about the customers thoughts about the final output and we are flexible to adjust our working process to maintain the final output of the project as the client requires.


We Work Precisely ​

Our employees and staff always follow the rule "Do Well What You Do", Therefore we have the 100% guarantee for the best and high quality output for the work to be best. We use professional specialist labor for every single task.


We Deliver Best Output​

We work precisely to get the best and high quality output as the clients requires not only the vest output, we offer the completed output ready on time. That's the unique feature of our company.

Our Expert Team

We have a 100% guarantee for the every project, we fulfill and our staff and employees are fully responsible for the clients about the outputs and for any further  details or questions about the company. You can complain and also you can admire the good worth we have done for you. This is the expertise team, Head of our company you can directly contact for any issues about our projects.

Asiri Mendis

Founder MaintenanceLK

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Don’t’ get framed by the competition, Trust our solid reputation masters of consistency and quality